Visual Works (under construction)

Audio-Visual collaboration between Drasko V and Alexander Gardenberg and Ola Syse. Water, aquarium, ink and oil recorded in HD and then digitally edited via After Effects. Audio is a reconstruction of my track 'inner life' with lots of water recordings and manipulation. Music: Drasko V - Inner Life (feat Yoko K.)

An Audio-Visual collaboration between Drasko V, AudioAndroid, Yoko K Yongsub Song and Yongchan Kim -presenting the idea of Singularity. Machine's road towards singularity. Exponential growth in technology. Radical changes in our society. Expectance and acceptance of technology. The existential threat is yet to be felt, as even a simple smile cannot contain the energy and feel humans possess. 판 is an episode in which something occurs or is played. The mask of the machine is used in Korean traditional folk play. In the animation, the machine plays 판 for singularity. Audio: Drasko V AudioAndroid Yoko K. Video: Yongchan Kim Yongsub Song