Mother Tongue by Ayyoko Confidential @ IDEO Cambridge (2015)

"Suppose this robot is going to grow to be so much smarter than all of us combined.  But it is still a baby.  If you can teach one thing now - what would you teach this baby robot?"

As the singularity approaches, fear runs rampant about the possible outcome of human­ technology fusions.  We reject these fears - the misguided notions that machines of the singularity would lack morality, lack compassion for humanity, and thus bring forth the ultimate enslavement of man by machine.  We chose to confront this problem with an artistic solution: Mother Tongue, a cluster of robotic pods that serve as heralds of the impending singularity.

"Afronaut Suite" @ Parsons DT MFA (2015)

I composed an original soundtrack for "The Rift: an Afronaut's Journey" Parsons Design & Technology MFA thesis by Ayodamola Okunseinde.

Second Contact (2014)

I composed the piece, featuring an Indian Bansuri master Deepak Ram, to be premiered at Forward Festival in Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC (2014).

concert @ Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (2012)

I performed the concert featuring Kolai on flute and tenor saxophone.  Click here to jump to the video.

Organic Electronica: Elixir of Hamony @ TEDxPotomac (201o)

“We are the proof that love does exist across ethnic divisions” – I asked people from many different cultures to say, in his or her own mother tongue, this phrase, first uttered by a Rwandan friend who is half Hutu and half Tutsi.  I created a sound art piece based on their recorded voices and, in an interactive performance at TedxPotomac (May 2010), I invited the audience to shift their attention from what they say to the common tone of how they say it.  The project, originally created as "amahoro" (2006), was in part funded by Young Artist Community Service Grant (2005-6) and New Media and Audio Grant (2006-7) by the Washington DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.   

Spir @ Strathmore Artist REsidency (2011)

I became the first electronic musician to serve as an artist in residence at Strathmore in Bethesda, MD.  This is a commissioned piece "Spir" (2011).

Singularity (2011)

I took part in the audio-visual collaboration with Drasko V, AudioAndroid, Yongsub Song and Yongchan Kim, presenting the idea of singularity.  Machine's road toward singularity.  Exponential growth in technology.  Radical changes in our society.  Expectance and acceptance of technology.  The existential threat is yet to be felt, as even a simple smile cannot contain the energy and feel humans possess.  

hug robot: Body mapping the language of tomorrow (2009)

Multimedia artist Ayodamola Okunseinde and I collaborated to create a pair of suits with touch sensors that triggered sounds and visual projections (via MIDI).  As a performance, we wore the suits, moved around like robots, and asked people for a hug.  Different hugs created variations of music and video art.  We invited the audience to experience technology integrated with human touch.

2nd Album | heaven's library (Seven mu, 2011)

I wrote, produced, performed and engineered the album.  Full credit here.

I received "Best Electronica Artist" for the Washington Area Music Association Awards twice in 2011 and 2012.

1st Album | 012906 (Asahra Music, 2006)

I wrote, produced, performed and engineered the album.  Full credit here.

"012906" was nominated for "Best Album in Dance/Electronica," and Honorable mention for "Listener's choice," for the 6th Annual Independent Music Awards (2006).  

The single "Searching" won Grand Prize in Jazz Electronica Category, Artist Forum (NY) (2006).

5. blues of grande chai: Video by Shuhei Matsuyama

7. yun ae se po: Video by Eunice Choi 


I performed at GAIA @ Corcoran Gallery of Art along with Kolai (flute and tenor saxophone) and Tom Pipkin (drums).

"from nothing": site specific performance with El Anatsui's "Gawu"

@ National Museum of Africa Art, Smithsonian Institution with Ayo ngozi (2008) 



"012909" @ W/PAC Experimental media series, Corcoran Gallery of Art (2006)

I collaborated with a visual artist Shuhei Matsuyama.

"hello hello" 

Video by Shuhei Matsuyama.



Inner life (Drasko V feat. Yoko K.)

I collaborated with Drasko V.  The piece was featured in the documentary, PressPausePlay (2011).