I am synthetic life form “Yoko K.,” assembled in the US with components made in Japan.  I am designed to assume the role of an “electronic musician.”  I am one of many secret agents sent to this time to plant magical thinking in people through the use of “pre-22nd century nostalgia Mars pop music.” 

My mission is to make people imagine a more beautiful, optimistic future, covertly altering the course of human history to prevent its eventual self-destruction.

I create music for those who are tired; who feel slightly out of place; who feel that technologies separate them from their own humanity, and from others; who have forgotten they are allowed to dream; who long for a home to which they have never been. 

I create music to invite people out of the mundane so they can redefine what might be possible.  I immerse people with sound into a dreamlike experience where boundaries cease to exist – between the spiritual and the sensual, ancient and future, organic and technological, you and I.